My name is Emily Santos; I have been passionate about drawing, photography and arts & crafts since I was young. I always had a creative mind that observed the world around me. As I grew up, I became more interested in exploring the diversity of graphic design.

I grew up in a small city in northeastern Ontario called Timmins, where graphic design was not too popular. During high school, I always imagined going to Ryerson University in Toronto for the Photography program to receive my post-secondary education. But, when I graduated high school in 2019, I did not know what I wanted to do with my future anymore because going to university did not feel right for me. During my year off from school, I realized I wanted to go to a college with an exceptional graphic design program. In May 2020, I got accepted into the Graphic Design program at Canadore College. It was the best choice I made to accept the offer into the program because it is a diverse program that teaches more than just graphic design. I have learned many techniques and styles from the program that will benefit my future as a graphic designer.

The ability to express my feelings and thoughts through my art and the opportunity to learn many skills through the adobe cloud softwares has given me the confidence to showcase my artwork to others. I hope to one day travel to different places to work with clients and designers of other cultures. There is so much more about graphic design I still need to learn.

I cannot wait to see myself develop as a graphic designer and see where my future takes me in this industry. Outside of graphic design, I enjoy listening to music, going on walks, and hanging out with my friends.


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